Colombia Travel Guide


Colombia is a magnificent, tropical country that is incredibly diverse both geographically and culturally.

Colombia consists of five distinct geographical regions allowing visitors to experience the incredible diversity of it’s natural beauty. These include: the Caribbean with its crystal-clear waters and brilliant beaches; the Andes mountains, made up of three mountain chains and comprising of a terrain that changes with altitude and provides fertile soils to support a huge range of agriculture (thus, it is where most of the population resides); the Pacific Coast, whose waters are often visited by humpbacked whales; the Orinoquia, a vast region that is richly endowed with flora and fauna; and finally, the Columbian Amazon region, which consists of 400,000 square kilometres of the entire Amazon basin and in which many Indigenous communities live.

Where is Colombia?

Colombia Flag

Colombia is the only country that has both a pacific ocean and a caribbean sea coast

Colombia located in the north west of south america and bordered by Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Venezuela.


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