Lake Titicaca Travel Guide


Lake Titicaca is one of Peru and Bolivias key attractions and is famous throughout the world. Set on the border of both countries this spectacular and enormous lake is perched at 3800 meters making it not only South Americas largest lake but the highest lake in the world that is used commercially. The lake spans 180km by 90km and has an average depth of 107 meters.

Puno is considered to be the most convenient launching point for exploring the lake from Peru as it is not only a lovely town in its own right but is close to other Peruvian highlights such as Macchu Picchu and Cusco.

Lake Titicaca features several islands that are popular with tourists including Uros, Amantani, Tacquile, Isla del Sol, Isla del la Luna and Surqui. Uros is particularly striking as it consists of floating islands constructed from reeds that support a small community that still live a traditional lifestyle. Amantani is home to around 800 families and is able to be visited for day trips organised with tour guides. Visitors can enjoy walks around the islands two mountains which offer panoramic views of the islands terraced farmland set against the vibrant blue of the lake.


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