Lima Travel Guide


Lima is the capital and largest city of Peru. Home to about 10 million souls it sits between the sea and the mountains mid way down it’s coastline on the west of the South American continent.

It is at first glance just a sprawling large city sited in a desert valley, chaotic and loud and with a paucity of beauty. Those that venture into the city will discover however that there is quite a lot on offer. It’s true, there are large areas of slums populated by people who migrated from the mountains and have failed to find work, and also present are many plain high rise with little ascetic value, but among all this there is some stunning colonial architecture that has been preserved and also amazing archeological sites in and around the city dating from pre-Columbus times. It was the seat of power for the Spanish in South America and there are many stunning examples of Spanish churches and monasteries, government buildings and the like remaining.

Be sure to wander through the charming lane ways of beachside Barranco, explore the historic facades around the magnificent Plaza de Armas or the elegant suburban charm of San Isidro.

There are several excellent museums in the city that tell the fascinating tales of a place that has seen many civilisations come and go through the centuries and a great deal of local culture as well. Just 10 kilometres from the city is the archeological site of Pachacamac, the ancient city of the Huari people which has been wonderfully restored. It has pyramids, huge plaza’s and palaces and is well worth the short trip.

The cities locations between the sea and the mountains means there is plenty to do in Lima, surfers love it and there are plenty of outdoor activities such as paragliding, mountain biking. Discover some of the markets, where you will find a great variety of fresh produce including fresh fish and poultry, it’s a cultural experience in itself (of course always make sure you cook everything well).

Lima has a reputation as a gastronomic destination with few piers, the cold waters that sweep along the coast produce exquisite seafood with a delicious taste due to the variety of plankton that occurs here. Combined with the fresh produce from the mountains and the Amazon. Make sure you try the local speciality of ceviche which can be found everywhere in Lima.

So, if you are considering your destinations for a South American experience, make sure Lima is on your list, you wont be disappointed.


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