Montevideo Information


Almost due east across the La Plata River (Rio de la Plata) from Buenos Aires is the capital city of Uruguay, Montevideo. A city of 1.5 million, it is the only major city in Uruguay. It enjoys a beautiful setting on the east bank of the river.

The city is a mixture of architectural styles from the old town with it’s stylish colonial and art-deco sophistication to plain concrete tower blocks, modern shopping centres and new residential high rises near to the beaches. Some have compared the city to a small version of Buenos Aires and indeed it has a common love for life, food, art and culture.

One of the main features is a huge waterfront expanse along which a broad avenue, La Rambla runs through the eastern districts of the city. La Rambla is lined with parks and beaches and the locals flock there at days end to enjoy strolls along the waterfront, jogging and fishing.

One of the more attractive areas of the city worth a visit is El Prado, a few kilometres north of the centre of Montevideo it is full of expansive parks and grand old mansions which were once the summer homes of Uruguay’s elite

Montevideo is consistently said to have one of the best lifestyles in Latin America when surveys of this type are conducted. One visit here and you will understand the reasons why.


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